Lance Knobel’s varied experience has provided him unmatched preparation for helping organizations make sense out of the complex environment which they face. He brings deep knowledge of a bewildering range of issues, a stunning network of domain experts, and an ability to synthesize seemingly disparate strands of information in ways that provide actionable ideas for organizations.

Lance applies to problems the insights gained in a long career as an editor of business and management magazines, leadership of the program for the World Economic Forum’s famous Davos summit, heading the program of The New York Forum and high-level strategic advisory work for both corporations and governments.

The kinds of projects where Lance can be engaged vary widely:

  • An organization wants to challenge its thinking and create better internal engagement and conversation by pulling together outside provocateurs and creating its own “mini-Davos”
  • A global corporation wants to define a new form of leadership training which recognizes the need for diplomacy and deep understanding of globalization, rather than just business smarts
  • A fast-growing company wants to create a series of gatherings to bring together a coalition of thinkers, and build a movement around a set of ideas

Lance often works with knotty problems that have no known solutions, what the social sciences literature sometimes terms wicked problems.

It’s in the nature of such complex issues that certainty cannot be achieved. But Lance works successfully with organizations and executives to help them achieve clarity and a new sense of direction.

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