Lance Knobel has written extensively on technology, business, geopolitics and many other issues. Here are links to some of his writing.

Google’s real-time challenge. Reuters Commentaries column, September 23, 2009

Khosla’s bet on cleantech. Reuters Commentaries column, September 9, 2009

Lost and found. Some thoughts on the future of search.

Nullius in Verba: Navigating Through the New Media Democracy. Delivered as one of the Alfred Deakin Memorial Lectures in Melbourne, and published by Melbourne University Press.

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s speech on science, delivered at the Royal Society, May, 2002. I wrote the speech for the prime minister when I worked as an advisor in the UK government’s Strategy Unit.

Look Back in WonderWorld Link, January, 2000.  A look at the “program of Davos 1900″ (which I invented), to assess how good — or bad — we are at foresight.

Good Morning Campus. Financial Times, July, 2003.

Tales of the Unexpected. Global Agenda, January, 2003.

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